The straps act ‚Experience‘ is an emotional one, which incorporates elements of strength and dynamics with elegance. The act has a length of 4.5 minutes and can be played at static height as well as with a motor/pully.

Katharina and Johann are both business and life partners. They enjoy sharing their passion for straps and their love for each other on stage. The act is called ‚Please don’t let me down‘. Katharina does not touch the ground throughout the entire act up until the end. The act combines counterweight practices with contemporary movements and high level skills. The different height level is an unprecedented technique for duo straps.

The aerial silks act positions the beautifully colored silks at the center of attention. By throwing the silks dramatically, shapes and colors will swirl through the air, accompanied by fluid movements of the acrobat. This act requires a minimum height of 5 meters.