Katharina Natascha started with acrobatics at the age of 8 at a local club in Vienna, Austria. Due to a lack of the club’s resources and participants she was forced to put acrobatics to a halt. Several years later, she attended a local circus show where she was so inspired by an aerial act, that she transitioned back into the field of performing arts.

The passion for aerial straps arose instantly and so did the urge to perfect her skills, which led Katharina Natascha to the decision of moving to Montreal to be trained by the well-known circus coach Victor Fomine.

After completing her training, Katharina Natascha has performed on aerial straps and aerial silks in Austria, Germany, the US and Saudi Arabia. She has furthermore taught many workshops in addition to private coaching at circus centers in Spain, the US, Austria, Italy and Germany.

In 2020 Katharina Natascha has participated in the creation of a joined circus project ‚Bella Ciao‘, which emerged as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. More information about the project is offered on the website under ‚Project Bella Ciao‘. Currently she is part of the creation of the show ‚Spagat und So‘ (www.spagat-und-so.com), which is funded by the city of Vienna, Austria. In addition to performing two aerial acts she is in charge of all the administration that goes into the show.